Duly arrived – Welcome to the Hotel Schweizerhof Basel

Experience up-to-the-minute hotel facilities in a historic atmosphere


In 1864, the Hotel Schweizerhof Basel was the first hotel to open at the Basel SBB railway station. In 1896, the hotel was sold and has remained in the ownership of the same family for four generations.

It underwent a total renovation in 2006 and 2009. The result is a unique, harmonious symbiosis of the historic and modern in a perfect location.

Enjoy spacious, bright and tall rooms, wide staircases and artistically forged banisters, surrounded by pleasantly warm colours.

Guests who value a cordial, dedicated and individual service in a modern setting with traditional roots will find the Hotel Schweizerhof Basel the perfect choice.


Hotel Schweizerhof AG
Centralbahnplatz 1
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel
Tel. +41 61 560 8585
Fax +41 61 560 8586
Email: info(at)schweizerhof-basel.ch